AzzoliniTinuper specialize in research and design, emphasizing the use of innovative materials and technologies.

They work as consultant designers particularly on materials, surfaces, colours, finishing and texture design for industrial products of well-known Italian and foreign companies, such as Gimi, Stefanplast, Biesse, Belli e Forti (household goods), Piacenza (objects houseware), Arclinea (kitchen furniture), Lamm (office chairs), Steelcase, Knoll Int., Unifor, Castelli (office furniture), Braendli (wall coverings), Monoceram (ceramics), Stone Italiana (reassembled stone), Gruppo Marcolin (eyewear), Mandarina Duck, Roncato Valigeria (travel goods), Poltrona Frau (contract furniture), Pugi RG (fabrics), Luxo Italiana (lighting), Univer (wall paintings), Bigliotti, Renner Italia (wood paintings), Sacmi Group, Bertolaso, Negri Bossi, Lawer (industrial machines and systems), Fiat (car industry), Epson (electronic appliances), Whirlpool Europe (home appliances), Artigeniale (trend research, ice cream parlour field), Acimac (trend research, ceramic field).

They work on the product’s design offering unusual and innovative solutions, starting from a unique approach which includes the study of current trends as well as a research into new materials and production processes.
Their products are manufactured by the following companies: Vittorio Bonacina, Habitat Italiana, Rimadesio, Ciacci, Mobilmetal, Softline, Bimax, Europeo, Acam, Frighetto (home furniture), Stefanplast, Gimi, Ez’ech, Carlo Giannini, Seccose (giftware), L’Inglesina Baby (childhood goods), Virca, Modo e Modo (paper goods), Fila Sport (sport goods), Seac Sub (sport accessories), Askoll Group, United Pets (pets goods), Roncato (travel goods), Sacmi Group, Veneta Macchine, Bacci, Cavanna Group, Carle Montanari (industrial machine equipment), Giusti (handles), Geofur (veg/food), Imiwood, DDF/Special Wood, Bellotti (wood components).

They also work on interior design with a strong attention to the perception and the soft structures of the environment.
They specialize on interior design of exhibit structures (Gruppo Portioli, Sacmi, Ciacci, Inglesina, Siemens Exhibit Concept, Siemens, Lamborghini, Packology/Riminifiera, Framesi, Fiere Parma, Ipack Ima, Macfrut, Tecnargilla/Acimac) as well as showrooms and shop-in-shop spaces (Intimissimi/Gruppo Calzedonia, Cooky Store Franchising, Sociètè Generale Paris, Sporting Life Studio, Ognitendenza Showroom, Opta Multistore, Piaggio Retail Concept, Nicoletti Franchising, Frette Franchising, Kidland & Barbie Corners, Blue Notes Men Fashion Corner, Gelaterie Artigeniale Group, United Pets Corners, Dondi Salotti, Dondi Mobili, Lube Cucine, Safilo Group).

AzzoliniTinuper works on the renewal of the image of many companies, that commit to the Studio a global project on communication, product, temporary and permanent exhibit spaces.

These pluri annual consultings are developed in different fields, such as: Geofur (vegetable market), Gruppo Portioli (coffee market), Sacmi Group (Ceramic and beverage market), Giusti Wings (furniture handles), Bellotti (wood components).

Being active in divulging the results of their research and projects, designers from Studio Azzolini Tinuper give courses and lectures at the European Institute of Design – Milano.

Also they frequently publish articles and take part at various cultural events.